Animal Bite Deterrent Device
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(American-Texas Made)

The K-9 FAZER is non-invasive and with combination of officer awareness, it uses a super bright pulsating LED lighting, and ultrasonic sound, and if needed, a “stun gun” type options used to deter the dog or even a HUMAN, attack.

Reading an animal's body language and using good judgment are major factors in officer safety and avoiding a potential attach and possible injury. The K-9 FAZER is an assisting tool in order to increase officer safety.

The K-9 FAZER is the ultimate tool for the ACO/ASO to deter and avoid an aggressive dog attack that may be encountered. The ACO/ASO may not always have the Catch/Control Pole readily available, or the opportunity to use it. Knowing that nothing is 100%, in the event the K-9 FAZER occasionally may not affect the animal as designed, the officer will then have something they may "feed" to the attacking animal. This gives the officer time to deploy his/her "Bite Stick" (ASP Baton) or Catch Pole in a defensive manner, if available.

Operational Video Coming Soon

The K-9 FAZER is designed to carry similar to the way a "Taser" would be. It is recommend to be carried left side (cross draw), as to not encumber the access to the officers "Bite Stick" or two-way radio. The K-9 FAZER, though it may somewhat resemble a hand gun, is colored brightly for safety as not to be confused with an actual firearm.

The ABDD comes with a fitted holster designed to be added to the officer's duty belt. The device and holster weighs less than 18 ounces.


The K-9 FAZER is equipped with a State of the Art VIDEO CAMERA, to be used as needed to document the actual attack or any other event or violation.

The K-9 FAZER, is also equipped with a "Stun Gun" option to better aid in deterrring and animal or possibly a HUMAN ATTACKER. The K-9 FAZER also, has the ability, with a flick of a switch, to be used as a handy "flashlight". The K-9 FAZER uses RE-CHERGABLE 3.54-volt lithium ion battery as a power supply, which is recommended to be replaced as needed.(3-4 years)

The K-9 FAZER has been designed, manufactured and marked by, in and at our TEXAS-USA facility.


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