Animal Bite Deterrent Device
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(American-Texas Made)

The K-9 FAZER is the "brain child" of an experienced police- animal control officer and animal behavior expert.

With many hours and dollars invested in the research, design and manufacturing, we feel we have a quality reliable and usable device to save "limb" and very possibly life. The K-9 FAZER is marketed directly to the vast Animal Control/Services profession.

After researching and dealing with literally hundreds of professional Animal Control Officers/Departments, over the past 10 years, it was determined there was a great need for this device, as some Animal Control (Services) Departments/Agencies do not allow their officers or personnel to carry even a "Bite Stick" (ASP Baton) or O.C. Spray as a bite deterrent.

Not allowing, this is a real liability and office safety issue (for the Department) as it leaves the ACO much more vulnerable to a dog attack/bite and/or injury. It appears the main reason why these items are not allowed is because of the possibility of abuse or misuse, by the ACO, even though special training is required/available. With the K9-FAZER that is never the case. The user simply watches a short video and they are fully trained to carry and use the device for deterring a vicious dog bite. There is no liability on the officer's or agency part to carry or use the K-9 FAZER. ACOs deserve the opportunity to use whatever means available to aid in their safety, while performing their dangerous duties.

The K-9 FAZER is very economical to purchase, costs nothing to operate/maintain, and is totally non-invasive and/or NON–LETHAL. The chance of the K-9 FAZER being "misused" is virtually non-existent. Just one trip to the emergency room can cost at least 3 times what one K-9 FAZER does, not to mention cost of lost productivity and work time injury.

The K-9 FAZER is "cheap" insurance to have a viable, affordable option to being totally vulnerable to a possible dog attack/bite and or injury.

NOTE: Nothing is 100% effective in this area, but the ADBB it is 1000% better than having nothing.

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